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Learn how to set up
ClickBank ads on
your site or blog.
Improper set-up can
result in loosing your
share of the sale.
Sign up for a
Account and
login to it.
Click on
on the top of
the site.
Search for a
topic. Make
sure it is
something you can
sell on your site.
Their search allows
for searching in
categories and
ordering them in any
way you choose.
Select an
affiliate from
your results.
The bottom of the
listing displays the
stats of the affiliate.
$/sale is the amount
you make for each
sale, Future $ is the
amount you make
each time they pay
for a subscription, %/
sale is the share that
your getting ($/sale
is $10 and %/sale is
50%, then the
product costs $20),
%refd is the percent
of the company's
sales that come from
affiliates, and grav is
a scoring system
clickbank uses to
display how much
money affiliates
have made off the
affiliate in the past
couple weeks.
Remember, grav is
not a dollar amount,
its a rating system
Click on
HopLink". A
window will pop-up
asking for your
username and
tracking ID. The
tracking ID will show
up each time you
make a sale so you
know where the sale
is coming from. You
can create separate
HopLinks using the
same affiliate for
different parts of
your website. The
tracking ID will help
you figure out what
page most of your
sales are coming
Once you hit
"Create", a
page will
display with a link
you can use so that
ClickBank will know
that the sale came
from you. Test the
link and make sure it
works . Copy & Paste
the link in your
website or blog, and
your done!
Make sure to
check the
HopLinks once they
are finished
Use sites that
have a least
some gravity
Make sure that
the affiliate
looks legit and not
like a scam
Some affiliates
try to block your
revenue share. If the
top of the URL does
not have your
ClickBank username
somewhere, contact
ClickBank to make
sure they're not
trying to cheat you.

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