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ClickBank Pirate is a system that automates the process of making Clickbank sales. Many people have found that this revolutionary system makes Clickbank both approachable and easy to market. This is a simple step by step that will get you started with Clickbank Pirate and making as much money as possible as quickly as possible.

Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1

You always want to mask your affiliate URLs. You use your own domain to do this, this way you have a .com instead of a long and hard to remember affiliate URL. This makes marketing much much easier.

Step 2

You want to begin writing articles such as this one to drive traffic to your new Clickbank Pirate capture pages. This is the first secret of long term traffic. Articles provide plenty of back links and can generate tons of traffic for your website.

Step 3

Create videos for the video sharing networks about Clickbank Pirate. Videos are a good way to touch your prospects personally. As thousands and thousands of people use the video sharing networks to gain insight into new product offerings and opportunities. Clickbank Pirate does very well being marketing via these mediums.

Step 4

Utilize sites such as craigslist and other free classified directories. Millions of people use directories such as these to generate traffic back to their web sites and to market their products and services. Free classified ad listings can help you with your new Clickbank Pirate Business immensely if used correctly.

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